Vasyl Lomachenko TOYS with Miguel Marriaga TKO7

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Written By Bakari Simpson:  Well folks, there is very little significant news to report here. Prior to the ESPN main event many throughout the industry expressed their belief the bout was a mismatch. Vasyl Lomachenko (9-1, 7 KO’s) is regularly regarded as one of the best in the business, while Miguel Marriaga (25-3, 21 KO’s) is not. Even worse, Marriaga was coming in off a loss. Despite these legitimate issues the fight was signed, sealed and delivered.

The wholly one-sided seven round strafing to follow was exactly what was prophesied. Before the subdued Californian audience Marriaga essentially just shelled up and ran all night.

In response Lomachenko followed him around the ring, threw an obscene amount of pitty-pat punches and clowned throughout the night. As if Vasyl Lomachenko knew his outgunned opponent had no options, Hi-Tech tried to provide the entertainment for both of them. Vasyl Lomachenko would repeatedly pat Miguel on the head, invite him to the corner and dance a jig in spots. None of the humiliation tactics resulted in a more aggressive Marriaga. Toward the end of the third and seventh rounds Marriaga was put on the canvas. Both were flash knockdowns. Yet, flash knockdown or not, they seemed to take a mental toll on Miguel.

Vasyl Lomachenko

Vasyl Lomachenko got off first with his punches pushing Miguel Marriaga back.

After the end of the seventh round Miguel realized there was little that he could do to change the tempo of the fight. A mentally defeated, and physically outclassed, Marriaga quit on the stool.

Along with the one-sided action the audience got radically biased and one-sided commentary. Throughout the entire broadcast commentators Teddy Atlas, Tim Bradley and Joe Tessitore endlessly sang Vasyl’s praises. Let them tell it, Vasyl could fight a bear covered in honey and emerge without a scratch.

Honestly speaking, Loma is a monster in the ring and truly is one of the best in the game. However, the way that these three gratuitously smothered Vasyl in accolades got very old, very fast.

There were a number of reasons why the commentary was grating, but the most egregious was lack of honesty. In order to deify Vasyl the commentators had to conspicuously forget a whole bunch of other names. The trio went on and on about how feared Vasyl was, and how hard it was to find him worthy opponents. However, as future opponents, they never once mentioned: Guillermo Rigondeaux, Miguel Berchelt, Gervonta Davis, Orlando Salido, Mikey Garcia or Terrence Crawford. So yeah, if you ignore these men, then its true, Vasyl has little competition to choose from! If you remember these fighters, then once defeated Lomachenko’s dominance is extremely challenged.

To make matters worse, Rigo has been on an intense Shannon Briggs-like campaign to secure a fight with Loma. The undefeated Cuban dynamo has been relentless on social media for the last several months. This story line got zero on air attention.

Utilizing more traditional tactics undefeated Mikey Garcia made it his business to run into Vasyl face-to-face. After Mikey’s splendid performance against Adrien Broner, Vasyl made disparaging comments that Garcia didn’t care for. As a result Mikey made a point to meet Vasyl when both were doing interviews at a common location. This confrontation took place at an ESPN facility, last week. Yet, once again, on this subject, the ESPN commentators were as quiet as Helen Keller in timeout.

It is true; Vasyl is a colossal talent and great fun to watch. However, we don’t need to fake the funk to talk about the versatile boxer. Especially, when the biased banter comes at the expense of other outstanding fighters. Placed in there against Marriaga Vasyl Lomachenko shined like everybody thought he would. Congrats to Lomachenko!

Yet, make no mistake, Vasyl Lomachenko still has loads to prove if he wants to validate his dominance. Loma currently is starring two potential unification bouts, and a Rigo grudge match, square in the face. There is absolutely no reason why Vasyl’s next bout isn’t one that we all dying to see. If he is as good as they say, now is the time to show and prove.

Can’t wait to see who he fights next!

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