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Shawn Porter Heated; drooling over potential Danny Garcia fight

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Written By Bakari Simpson: Once again, Shawn Porter (27-2-1, 17 KO’s) doubled down on his sincere desire to pen a fight with Danny “Swift” Garcia (33-1, 19 KO’s). The sentiments captured by EGO of Boxingego/ Both father and son took the audience on a quick trip down memory lane. Each in turn reminded how they have openly, and publicly, called for this fight for a number of years now.

At one point the fun-loving, sports fanatic Porter dressed, and talked, like Macho Man Randy Savage to issue a challenge. Although having fun with it, Shawn was very serious about his challenge and even submitted it to his social media outlets. Despite all the efforts made by the Porters, Team Garcia has been slow to hammer out a fight.

This is why Showtime was particularly irritated when got wind of a recent interview that ‘Swift’ conducted with In the segment Swift claimed Team Porter was protecting him from Danny. Such a claim is just a bit steeped in madness. Shawn’s recent match making has been anything but easy. If Porter is a protected fighter, who has it tough? True enough, Garcia does have a handsome resume, but his in no way negates Porters. While on the subject of protection and divine intervention, many believe that Garcia lost to Herrera and Peterson.

Since December 7, 2013, Eric Boone is the only non-marquee fighter Porter has faced. The human wrecking machine fought and bested a still relevant Devon Alexander, and then he savagely tore Paulie Malinaggi’s mouth out. Shawn drug Kell Brook through Hell and back in a hotly debated decision loss that many felt, he won. Brook has not said “Shawn”, “Porter” or the word “fight” in the same sentence since August 14, 2014. His last three opponents were Adrien Broner, Keith Thurman and Andre Berto. Were in the world is the protection there? Hell, Keith Thurman is considered the man to beat at 147 and many thought Porter beat him.

Shawn Porter

Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter brought a war to New York in 2016.

Attempting to disparage Porters work ethic, willingness to fight or resume is a fool’s mission. Just don’t do it.

In the end, Porter vs Garcia is a great match up. Their styles complement each other and they are in sticky places professionally were another loss is a ‘no-no.’ This all but guarantees virtual war from beginning to end. Given their track record, it’s somewhat hard to believe that Team Porter desire for this fight is pure masquerade. Whatever the hindrance, let us hope the roadblocks are removed and when can see this bout once and for all.

“At the end of the day we ready to fight you, you not ready to fight me. You [Danny Garcia] can keep saying you gonna knock me out, let me know when and we’ll get it done. I’m 29 years old now you messing with my life, you’re messing with my career, you’re messing with my family, you’re messing with my fan base. My fans want to see me go up against the best, they don’t want to see me up against Adrian Granados, no disrespect to him…They want to see me up against the guy I said I wanted to fight.”

Shawn Porter

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