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Shannon Briggs WANTS Alexander Povetkin; RUSSIA

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Written By Bakari Simpson:  In a recent radio interview on the Rita Cosby Show Shannon “The Cannon” Briggs (66-6-1, 53 KO’s) covered a great many topics. The candid inquiry dealt with his recent PED’s suspension, his arduous upbringing and future plans. When on the topic of his upcoming endeavors, Shannon Briggs explained that he was in negotiations to fight Alexander “Russian Vityaz” Povetkin (32-1, 23 KO’s). If everything comes to fruition, Shannon Briggs is hopeful they will the two will tangle in November or December.

The most glaring aspect of this bout is the fact that both have recently been caught using PED’s. Alexander was caught twice, back-to-back, using PED’s in his native Russian homeland. Briggs had his last fight with Fres Oquendo canceled after being busted. Oddly enough, their cheating ways undoubtedly are providing the unofficial storyline for the potential fight. We have Alexander “Da Juiceman” Povetkin (aye!) versus Shannon “The Illicit Inhaler” Briggs, no doubt in Russia. Then what are we supposed to do with the winner? How much credit should they be given for the victory? Are we to assume they were clean when all is said and done?

This bout would be messier than a stroke victim eating a sloppy Joe on a plane taking off.

Aside from all the past shady dealings the fight does retains elements of interest. Briggs is past long in the tooth, but the old man can still hit really, really hard. Povetkin has proven to be dirty as Pig-pen getting a mud facial, but the Russian has undeniable boxing skills. A win for Briggs would hold more weight though. If Shannon cleanly bested the younger, stronger and probably ‘roided-up’ Povetkin it’d be massively impressive. It would definitely prove that Shannon has something substantial left in the tank. A Povetkin victory would more than likely mean he simply avoided getting hit clean.

Nevertheless, one must ask themselves, after they fight each other, who would want to fight them? These two are becoming the breathing definition of, “more trouble than they’re worth.” A fight with Povetkin at this point implies cheating. Who wants that noise? On the other hand, any heavyweight that signs up to fight Shannon Briggs also signs up for his media machine. Just ask Wladimir and David Haye, having Briggs on your tail is no fun! To be ensnared in these doping controversies during the back nine of their boxing careers is horrible timing. Yet, these are the beds they made for themselves. No point in crying about it now.

Shannon Briggs vs Alexander Povektin

Alexander Povektin WBC eliminator fight with Bermane Stiverne was abruptly cancelled after Povetkin failed a second drug test in 2016.

Their backs have been pressed to the wall with precious time ticking away.

Neither of these tarnished men is ready to walk away from the sport. So, caught in this unsavory position, Shannon Briggs and Povetkin recognized the other as having a common dilemma. Together they hope to change their luck and public perceptions. Only time will tell how it goes, so until then, we’ll just have to wait for further developments.

A trainer brought it into my life, and [I was] taking advice from trainers…And I’m no dummy. Again, like I said, the responsibility is all mine. I’m an asthmatic. I was born an asthmatic and again, I’m taking things to possibly enhance my breathing, which is wrong.”

Shannon Briggs

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