Shannon Briggs

Shannon Briggs gets 6-Month SUSPENSION for failed Drug-Test

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Written By Bakari Simpson: Polarizing heavyweight Shannon Briggs nicknamed “The Cannon” (60-6-1, 53 KO’s) has been hit with a 6-month suspension. Being as the suspension is retroactive, Briggs would be allowed to fight as early as this November. This unfortunate turn of events initially came to light when VADA flagged Briggs for alarmingly high testosterone levels. After further testing Shannon was flagged for banded substances. Team Briggs had the option to have the B-sample tested but appear to be forgoing this opportunity.

Shannon Briggs

Shannon Briggs hit with a six-month suspension after failing a VADA drug testing procedure.

The career stunting set back is disastrous for a number of reasons. At 45 years of age Shannon is rather long in the tooth for the sport. Regardless of his age however, Briggs has ingeniously reinvented himself using various social media platforms. Having stepped away from the sport for a number of years Briggs had become irrelevant in the division. Undismayed, the Cannon began a hilarious, albeit relentless, media campaign originally focused on Wladimir Klitschko. The campaign was knee slapping funny entertainment for the world and a living nightmare for Dr. Steelhammer.

Although Shannon did not obtain the fight with Wlad that he sought he was far from unsuccessful. Briggs had re-solidified himself as a heavyweight personality and began penning fights with regularity. Ultimately, Briggs did talk himself into a WBA heavyweight title fight with Fres “Fast Fres” Oquendo (37-8, 24 KO’s). Two weeks before the bout was to take place Briggs was busted for PED’s. The timing couldn’t have been worse.

As he had nothing to do with the failed test Oquendo retains his position. With this being the case, Oquendo will more than likely face Alexander “The Great” Ustinov (34-1, 25 KO’s) for the vacant regular title. The winner of this contest should be in line to fight the Joshua/Klitschko victor.

At the moment, the future for Shannon Briggs is dubious at best. He successfully resurrected himself late in the fourth quarter of his career and started the “Let’s go Champ!” movement. Shannon was fairly dependent on this shtick to obtain serious matches. Without any truly meaningful wins in recent history Briggs maintained relevance thru his social media antics. Now, submerged under this new drama, there is little to no reason for any of the belt holders to fight Briggs.

As is typically the case in scenarios like this Team Briggs maintains their innocence. Shannon’s manager, Ivaylo Gotsev, claims that this whole debacle is related to Briggs’ asthma medication.

“Shannon is on enough medication to kill a horse because of his asthma. All the medications he takes, other people couldn’t even get out of bed. But he’s out there running and training and fighting. He’s not a steroid user or a drug user. He’s using medication. We’re consulting with his physicians and seeing how we can make the proper adjustments so this doesn’t happen again. Maybe he needs to stay off certain medications before fights. I don’t know. I’m not the doctor. But Shannon is on a number of medications due to his asthma. He had something found by the commission, and we’ve dealt with that.” ~Ivaylo Gotsev, Briggs Manager

Come this November, whether innocent or not, Briggs will have no more formal hindrances handicapping his career. Lets hope that Shannon can make the best of whatever time he has left. Let’s go Champ!

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