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Adrien Broner gets outshined by skillful Mikey Garcia

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Written By Bakari Simpson: Prior to the Adrien Broner vs Mikey Garcia super lightweight rumble, there was a large amount of commotion. Talks of weight classes, Mikey’s possible alternative opponents and Vegas odds dominated the headlines. In the press, Adrien “The Problem” Broner (33-3, 24 KO’s) vowed to humble the critics and naysayers. During his interviews, Mikey Garcia openly mused about whom he wanted to tangle with after Broner. As the bout approached closer the once wide-spread narrowed.

There was a delightful tension in the air.

Yet, when it was all said and done Mikey Garcia (37-0, 30 KO’s) proved to be the superior fighter.

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This writer actually has to pull my seat to the table and eat some crow! I was amongst those who believed that Broner would pull the rabbit out the hat. My thinking that Adrien would best him is no knock on Mikey. The fierce fighting Garcia is a formidable adversary, obviously. My thinking was founded upon all the ‘natural obstacles’ that Mikey had to overcome. For my money, the jump in weight, recent layoff and his straightforward style would become tremendous handicaps. This combined with Broner’s confirmed toughness; awkward style and impressive resume seemed the perfect recipe for an AB win.

No such luck!
Instead, Mikey Garcia almost pitched a shutout victory.

Regardless of who people foresaw prevailing, the common belief was the bout would be a chess match. That much turned out to be the case. To Broner’s credit, he came to the ring in shape, very focused and ready to rumble. Over the course of the fight, Adrien adroitly changed his tactics a number of times. He opened the bout using his wheels and moving well. Later the Problem would battle in the dangerous zone on the end of Garcia’s punches. Finally, the contest concluded with the Problem stuffing the fight in the phone booth.

Each evolution of the fight manifested because Adrien could not crack Mikey’s defense. Again, this writer believed that Garcia’s straight-laced style would be a hindrance. That notion could not have been further from the truth! Not only that, Mikey Garcia appeared to force Broner to doubt himself. Between rounds Adrien’s long time trainer Mike Stafford could be heard trying to rally his charge. Stafford knew something drastic had to be done as the fight began to slip away. Ultimately, Team Broner was never able to locate the missing element.

Let us just hope that Adrien keeps his head up and returns to the ring soon. He is still a premium talent in his prime who can put asses in the seats. With one or two good outings, Broner will once more command an enviable position in the sport.

As for Team Garcia, congrats!! Without question or reservation, Mikey has made me a staunch believer in his talent, seriousness and his power. Like the rest of the boxing world, I will be waiting on the edge of my seat for this next ring return. Hope he is back soon…

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