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Luis “King Kong” Ortiz steals the PBC show sets up potential Wilder clash

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Written By Bakari Simpson: Over the course of the past month or so, Luis “King Kong” Ortiz (28-0, 24 KO’s) has been at the epicenter of considerable chatter. In the approaching weeks to his heavyweight championship showdown with Deontay Wilder (39-0, 38 KO’s), Ortiz failed a drug test. It was the second time. In the end, the WBC would absolve him of any wrongdoing and allow him to maintain his standings in the rankings. Last night, against Daniel Martz (16-6-1, 13 KO’s), Luis returned to the ring. It was an outstanding showing!

Luis began by launching a crunching body attack; King Kong even scored a first round knockdown. The in the second round Luis knocked Martz out cold. The KO came by way of a laser straight left to the jaw. Prior to the bout, there was speculation that Wilder might show up to the match, which he did. Immediately after planting Daniel on his face, Ortiz ran to where Wilder was sitting ringside and began wolfing. The talented Cuban was challenging Deontay to a fight. Again.

Not one to shy away from an opponent, or the spotlight, Deontay Wilder hopped up and entered the squared-circle. Then both men met, face to face, in the center of the ring. It was a thrilling, exciting moment. Even the clear language barrier could not muddle the electric tension in the air. Luis made it plain and clear that he wanted another shot at Wilder. After letting him know that it was he, who flubbed the first opportunity, Deontay was willing, and eager, to extend another shot at the WBC strap. Due to the language obstacle, the face fight went on for an extended period.

However, limited Ortiz’s English may be, he certainly caught when Wilder saying he would “beat his ass.” Upon hearing those words the rugged southpaw quickly retorted, “Motherfucker, you’re a bitch!” The disrespectful verbal jab only produced a smile on Wilder’s face.

Luis Ortiz

Deontay Wilder and Luis Ortiz trade barbs in the ring after Ortiz’ KO victory.

Folks, this rivalry right here is real and red-hot! Thus far, Wilder really has done everything that he has said that he would do. With that being said, the announcement of Wilder/Ortiz should be swift in arrival. Personally, I cannot wait for this one! This is another contest of high skill that is almost guaranteed to end in a concussive knockout. Who can’t get behind a bout like that?!

Congrats to Luis “King Kong” Ortiz for a thrilling victory and resuming right where he left off. In addition, hats off to Wilder, for jumping in the ring a showing out like a true world champion. The Wilder/Ortiz face off last night was pure boxing gold. 2018 is starting to look like it will be one hell of a year!

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