Errol Spence Jr defeats Kell BRook
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Errol Spence Jr. vs Kell Brook Epilogue: HANDS DOWN! MAN DOWN!

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Written By Bakari Simpson: Boy o boy! Once all was said and done, the much-anticipated Kell Brook vs. Errol Spence Jr. prize fight did not disappoint! After a largely razor close back and forth contest, Spence pressed Brook to submission. Before 33,000 screaming fans, in only the 3rd boxing match in Bramall Lane, Kell Brook surrendered his beloved IBF title on one knee. Now, the greatly hyped Errol Spence Jr. is both officially legitimized and the IBF world welterweight champion.

Hands down, man down!

Errol Spence Jr vs. Kell Brook

Kell Brook and Errol Spence Jr. go at it in a highly competitive welterweight bout on SkySports/Showtime.

In order to fortify his triumph Spence Jr. had to brave all the tribulations of the foreign challenging upstart. To begin, Errol smiled throughout the duration of his good-natured ring walk while being submerged in boo’s. Then Mr. Man Down remained as composed as Cool Hand Luke when tested by serious power in the ring. While the grueling nature of the bout was as expected, the choppiness was not.

From the opening bell, neither man welcomed conceding even an inch of canvas. Their smoldering determination showed quite brightly. Most of the early rounds were Freddy Kruger worthy nightmares to score. The dueling jabs were excellently implemented and were Spence supplied volume; Kell produced the more thudding shots. In many spots, Errol looked a bit sloppy. Following the showdown, Errol openly admitted that his 9 months away from the ring adversely affected his performance. Further complicating matters, Kell brazenly swapped his Shawn Porter clinching for a Bramall Lane headlock. Referee Howard John Foster never once mentioned the Jack the Snake worthy headlock that Brook chronically employed.

As advertised, Brook concentrated his offensive efforts on Errol’s temples and chin. In doing so the Sheffield native once and for all validated that the Truth truthfully has a world-class chin. Conversely, Errol dug into Kell’s body with the same reckless abandon that a young unscrupulous tender exploits a lonely sugar daddy’s bank account.

In an unexpected plot twist, Spence’s jab swelled Kell’s left eye like it popped a blue Viagra pill. By the latter rounds it looked as bad as his right eye did when GGG cracked his face. In the post-fight interview Brook confessed that it felt like when Golovkin broke his face.

Prior to the bout, I suspected the telling difference in this contest would be mentality. While Spence appeared to ardently subscribe to his own rhetoric, Brook was trying to convince himself. In the end, Brook did fold mentally, or, if you prefer, he was beaten into submission for the second consecutive time.

Smelling blood in the 10th Spence turned up the pressure up with a knee-forcing fusillade. When Kell, pulled a Chop-Chop Corley and took his standing 8-count, it seemed a dubious task to survive the round. Yet, very reminiscent of Joshua/Klitschko, the young gun punched himself out and had to show his own beard.

Having recovered, and learned, Errol applied more economical but still hurtful pressure in the 11th. After landing a number of crisp shots to the face Kell save his trainer Dominic Ingle’s shoulder a towel toss. Beaten mentally, and once more physically, Kell took a knee and surrendered his belt to the ten count. It was a sad way to go out.

“I couldn’t see out of the eye, so I had to stop. I thought it was very competitive, he won a few rounds, I won a few rounds, I felt I was in the fight.”

Kell Brook

Honestly, this was one hell of a devastating loss for Brook. He just lost for the second consecutive time at home, had his eye busted again and quit for the first time. Let’s hope that he can bounce back, again, yet this seems a dubious task.

Congrats to Errol Spence Jr. who is in every sense of the word a legitimate world champion! Before leaving the ring Errol made good and sure that he called out Keith Thurman one more time. The Truth said he wanted a piece of One-Time next…

Let’s hope that we get that one next!

Until then, Man Down!!!!

After a hellacious battle between 2 warriors, ESJ dethrones @specialkellbrook via #TKO! #ManDown #StrapSeason #AndTheNew

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“I give myself a B-minus, I was a little bit off with my offense and defense, but I give Kell a lot of credit. This is what true champions do. You go anywhere to fight. Kell’s a true champion and I wanted to fight him. He is a tricky fighter and awkward. He’s also a strong fighter who can punch.”

Errol Spence Jr

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