Jermall Charlo

Jermall Charlo Stiffens Jorge Heiland’s Legs in TKO win

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Written By Bakari Simpson:  In his middleweight debut, Jermall Charlo (26-0, 20 KO’s) sought to make a dramatic impression. In this regard, Charlo succeeded with flying colors. The Texan powerhouse easily stream-rolled Jorge “El Gaucho de Pigüé” Heiland (29-5-2, 16 KO’s) to score a fourth round KO. Truthfully speaking, the match never should have reached the point of the knockout. As a general rule Benji Esteves is a dynamic, well-experienced referee. Nevertheless, for whatever reason, Esteves was extra reticent about calling the fight off. The rationale for stopping the bout was Hieland’s injured knee. His footwork and balance were deplorable!

Beginning in the first round there appeared to be something askew with Heilands footwork. He was obviously hampered when moving around the ring. Jorge looked like a drunk Auntie with a bad knee line dancing. Although he tried to be smooth Heiland, would consistently ‘pop’ or limp out of position.

However, the severity of the knee impediment was not crystal clear in the first. The fact that Jermall Charlo’s jab was mean as an unpaid pimp on a coke binge was crystal clear! Jermall Charlo pumped the jarring blow Jorge’s eye, teeth and nose at will. On some occasions, the jab was a stiff detractor, on others a thudding power shot. Accompanied by a lead left hook, Charlo and his initial jab attack was all kinds of bad news!

Jermall Charlo

Jermall Charlo makes his middleweight debut destroys #1 ranked Heiland on Showtime Boxing.

During the second round, Charlo was hitting on all cylinders. Conversely, Heiland openly struggled to escape the wrath of Jermall’s jab. As Heiland limped and pitifully scampered about the plight of his leg was irrefutable. So much so, that to begin the third round Esteves had the doctors examine his knee. Following the medical assessment Jorge was allowed to continue. Heiland was hammered, clubbed and persecuted throughout the round. The fourth period opened with another mandated medical inspection. Heiland was given the green light, again. Then Heiland was bludgeoned, again.

During the fourth and final round, Jermall landed a night concluding left hook. The unforgiving blow collided with Jorge’s ear, instantly stealing his equilibrium. The woefully burdened Heiland fluttered down onto this back. He would find his feet, but too little benefit. Once on his ten toes Heiland stumbled around like a victim of a strong bombs shockwave. In this almost inebriated state, finally, Esteves called an end of the butchery.

Aside from the injury and all its bi-products Jermall made a successful and impressive showing. The skilled Texan wore the additional weight well and his power certainly has carried up. Despite his wounded foes unusual impairment Charlo still displayed his worth. I will be eager to see Jermall back in the ring quickly. Luckily for us fight fans there is no lack of great middleweight fighters to pair Charlo with. Can’t wait!

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