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Jean Pascal’s boxing fairytale ending; finishes career with TKO over undefeated Elbiali

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Written By Bakari Simpson: With his back against the wall, Jean Pascal (32-5-1, 19 KO’s) strode into enemy territory to combat the young hungry lion Ahmed Elbiali (16-1, 13 KO’s). Truthfully speaking, at the outset the scene was grim for Pascal. Prior to any landed punches Pascal’s balance came off shaky. To swiftly make matters worse, Jean ate heavy fire early in the first. It appeared as if Pascal was mere moments away from getting stretched along the canvas.

Jean was having none of it.

In true Hollywood fashion, Pascal dug deep and fought his vintage back against the ropes, wide, wild punching style. To the astonishment of many, Jean began plugging Ahmed with thunderous shots with regularity. As the fight wore on Elbiali’s inexperience shined brighter and brighter. With Pascal behaving like an uncooperative target, the power punching Ahmed proved to be painfully one-dimensional. Initially, Pascal’s awkward movement was the bane of his existence. However, Elbiali’s troubles increased manifold when his stamina began to fail him.

Jean’s well distributed attack to the cranium and torso did Ahmed zero favors.

By the time the writing was undeniably on the wall, Elbiali subscribed to far too much holding. Yet again, being as far out of his depth that he was, holding was all Ahmed could do. In the end, after a series of cringe inducing over hand rights, Elbiali found himself trapped in the corner. He would never emerge from the perilous position. With his prey immobilized Pascal hammered the unresponsive and exhausted Elbiali. Left with no other resort, the corner threw in a merciful towel.

For Elbiali this was his worst nightmare. He acquired his first loss, a knockout, by a long in the tooth veteran before his hometown crowd. And the bout was on the biggest platform of his career. That’s tough. For Pascal, this was a dream you just cannot script. He bucked the odds, humbled a power puncher and got the stoppage in an action packed swan song bout. There really isn’t much more you can ask for.

Congrats to Jean Pascal for his exciting, storied career, and capping it off with one thrilling final outing.

As for Team Elbiali, lets hope that he can shake off this dreadful loss and return better, stronger and smarter.

“People asked me about ending it here in Miami and not Canada, but I am very satisfied with everything I’ve accomplished and to beat an undefeated fighter is a perfect way to end my career.

Jean Pascal

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