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Guillermo Rigondeaux vs Moises Flores REMATCH, ordered by WBA

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Written By Bakari Simpson: As many suspected might happen, the WBA has officially ordered a Guillermo Rigondeaux/Moises Flores rematch. Their initial fight served as the co-feature to Ward/Kovalev 2. Although, honestly speaking, the first affair was not much a fight.

The contest only went one full round, with only one punch of note landing. During that round Moises “Chucky” Flores (25-0, 17 KO’s) came forward behind a wall of punches. Moises screamed with every blow. Like Chucky, the doll, being killed at the end of any of his movies Flores made for a noisy affair. For his part, Rigondeaux silently evaded 95% percent of the incoming fire. Being that Flores towered over Guillermo, El Chacal concentrated more on finding his range than offense. Overall, the entire official first round was inconsequential.

That was until the clang of the bell signaling the rounds conclusion.

When the bell chimed the two combatants were in the midst of a mutual exchange. Rigondeaux’s blow found its mark alone. When the punch landed Moises went down, kind of. Chucky staggered by the hit. However, before hitting the canvas he surveyed the ref’s reaction, paused a moment and then collapsed.

Guillermo Rigondeaux

Moises Flores hit after the bell by Guillermo Rigondeaux in their first fight, falls to the canvas.

In the aftermath of the fiasco referee Vic Drakulich broke his neck to not make an official verdict. The veteran ref consulted with a small army of individuals before making a call. Even after having spoken to so many people Drakulich insisted he needed to converse with Bob Bennett. Bennett was a high-ranking commission official on hand at the bout. Ultimately, after an inordinate amount of time elapsed Drakulich award Rigondeaux the KO victory.

Longtime HBO boxing commentator Jim Lampley took particular offense to the ruling. More than once he drug Bob Bennett, the official Drakulich drug into the ordeal, onto camera. Live on air Lampley kept drilling Bennett on what he would do. Jim was insistent that the call made was the wrong one. In the end, Lampley, and those who feel like him, were tossed a bone. The original scrap has formally been ruled a ‘No Contest’ and a rematch is imminent.

Ironically, the person probably the saddest about this turn of events is Moises Flores!

It is extremely plausible that Flores does not have the skillset requisite to topple Guillermo Rigondeaux. Despite its brevity, Chucky displayed no substantial wrinkles in his game during the first encounter to suggest otherwise. In all likelihood, Flores is about to get KO’ed by an inconvenienced, pissed-off El Chacal. Not only will Guillermo Rigondeaux be focused, he will be seeking to make a statement.

In recent date, Guillermo Rigondeaux has been stalking Vasyl Lomachenko through social media. The talented Cuban desires a marquee prize fight with the dynamic Ukrainian. All these facts culminate into a healthy repeat KO prediction for Rigo.

Flores would probably have been the happiest with the ‘No Contest’ and no rematch. The WBA more than likely just de facto authorized Moises Flores’ first official loss. Yet, in the end, time answers all questions. So we’ll just have to wait and see!

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