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Gabriel Rosado STOPS Glen Tapia in MUST-WIN Crossroads fight for both

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Written By Bakari Simpson: In a very significant bout for each combatant’s career, Gabriel Rosado (24-11, 14 KO’s) and Glen Tapia (23-5, 15 KO’s) collided on ESPN2. Given the style of both fighters most believed that this would be a good scrap. Added to their natural aggression, both men found themselves at a precarious crossroads of their career. A loss was not an option for either. Rosado had lost his previous two bouts, and five out of his last seven outings. Coming into this affair, Glen Tapia had collected three losses in a row. When they met at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, it did not take long before the fireworks began.

The first two rounds were fairly even affairs that saw both men land solid punches. Gabe and Glen exercised competent jabs and neither neglected the body. Despite each fighter getting off to a good start, Gabriel was enjoying the greater landmarks of success. The second round was particularly beneficial to Rosado. In that stanza, Gabe bloodied Tapia’s nose, knocked his mouthpiece out and seemed to buzz him in the final seconds. The third period only got more strenuous for Tapia. During the third round, Rosado fell into a beautiful boxing rhythm. While maintaining an optimum distance Gabe jabbed and hooked Glen’s head and body at will.

In hindsight, the third round was beginning of the end for Tapia.

The fourth continued largely like the third. Unfortunately, the only thing of note, or variance, was a large lump began forming on Tapia’s forehead. The mass was likely caused by a clash of heads. Ref Robert Byrd warned the fighters to control their swinging craniums.

The downward trajectory persisted for Team Tapia in round five. There Glen would continue being roughed up, only now he was profusely bleeding from the nose and mouth. At one point, while pent against the ropes, Rosado landed about eight consecutive headshots. The writing appeared to be written on the wall at this point.

The ominous wall writing quickly received confirmation in the sixth round.

Roughly, forty-five seconds into the period a crunch left, right hook combination stole Glen’s equilibrium. Tapia retreated to the ropes with Rosado in hot pursuit. In short time, Glen was down and the 8-count began. Assuming the dutiful role of a proud fighter Glen told Byrd that he was ready to continue fighting, but he was on shaky legs. Byrd allowed the bout to continue after firmly telling Tapia, “Show me something!” Glen could not comply. Mere moments after the bout resumed, Gabe flurried and the badly damaged Tapia could only flee to the ropes. Referee Robert Byrd nearly immediately called the bout off.

It was an impressive, career-sustaining, win for Rosado. With the victory, the proud Philly fighter will now seek rematches with GGG, David Lemieux or possibly Martin Murray. Golovkin and Lemieux both have solid TKO victory over Rosado, while the Murray loss was rather controversial to many. King Rosado would love a second crack at any of these men. Only time will reveal what is next for Rosado.

Congrats to Gabe and his team for a marvelous outing. As for Team Tapia, much respect is extended and we just hope and pray that his next move will be a beneficial one. His days in the boxing ring appear to severely numbered.

“Glen Tapia is the type of guy that when you hurt him, he’ll come forward. It was very important to get the win. It was important to make a statement, to be impressive, to put myself back into the mix. I want Canelo Alvarez, Danny Jacobs, or a rematch with David Lemieux. I want to prove that I still have something.”

Gabriel Rosado

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