Article By: EGO

Sept 13, 2014 Mayhem is over, and boxing fans are still talking. The victor was even clearer in the rematch, which Mayweather won via 12 Round decision. In the aftermath, the  biggest question from Mayhem is whether Floyd Mayweather’s age is beginning to show or has Marcos Maidana improved that much.  Many believe that Father Time is the only real thing that can defeat Floyd Mayweather after 18+ years at the top of the sport. Is Mayweather truly slowing down or was Maidana’s game effort that good in the 2 outings? Sure, Marcos Maidana is the perfect candidate to trouble Floyd stylistically. Marcos Maidana possesses tremendous one punch power that can’t be denied for his weight class and a rugged, often fearless IDGAF type of attitude that appeals to hardcore fans, as well as casual boxingheads. Mayweather seemed to be stunned as Round 3 was coming to a close as the bell was ringing. Shots like these we are not used to seeing Mayweather receive. In all honesty, Floyd Mayweather has been placed on an impossible platform at this point of his career. We have grown so accustomed to seeing him completely outclass and dominate his opponents, to the point where if a good shot is landed or if he bleeds, it almost becomes an event. So has Floyd Mayweather truly began to show signs of aging or are we just in awe that he has started to actually get hit flush at times in recent fights unlike many of his past fights? What are your thoughts?