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Fans Crave! Lomachenko vs Rigondeaux NEXT!

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Written By Bakari Simpson: Vasyl Lomachenko (9-1, 7 KO’s) remained undefeated in his ESPN debut. After another dominate performance over an overmatched opponent, the heat is now on. Scoring a seventh round TKO one would image Vasyl to be relaxed. During the fights build-up, Miguel Marriaga (25-3, 21 KO’s), Vasyl’s opponent, talked all the right stuff. He felt that he was being overlooked but was confident on shaking up the world. If no one else did, Marriaga believed in his own skill set.

The one-sided roasting that everyone anticipated came true on fight night. Loma outclassed, out-hustled and outperformed Miguel in every way. After rising from the canvas twice Marriaga surrendered on the stool after the seventh. The satisfying TKO victory should at least have brought Vasyl Lomachenko a brief hiatus and moment of relaxation. This is far from the case.

Most believed Vasyl Lomachenko would not only win, but he would dominate. True, he did do what he was supposed to do, but now the bloodthirsty fans in the coliseum want more. And they want it now. Having labeled himself as one of the premiere gladiators in the game, the ticket buyers crave visual substantiation. Luckily for boxing devotees, there is no lack of enthralling showdowns to be made.

Vasyl Lomachenko Rigondeaux

Vasyl Lomachenko outworks and overwhelms Miguel Marriaga on ESPN.

Out of the numerous bouts that can be constructed, Guillermo Rigondeaux seems to lead the pack. This is not so surprising. Their names have been closely linked for just a hair less than four years now. From the end of 2013 to the end of 2015 the two fistic standouts dominated in neighboring divisions. Rigo terrorized at super bantamweight, while Hi-Tech dazzled his foes at featherweight. Despite Vasyl Lomachenko moving up to super featherweight their names have remained linked ever since. Now, this long time dream match has been injected with new life.

Over the past few months Team Rigondeaux has adopted the Shannon Briggs method of obtaining a fight. If the opponent you want won’t fight, shame them and destroy any semblance of mental peace they have! In both scenarios, Briggs and Rigo, they have masterfully used social media to advance their agenda.

The big knock on Rigondeaux is he is supposed to be boring. Well, I can promise you his Instagram account is not! El Chacal and his team have developed and utilize a hilarious comic book themed series of memes. The clever posts take shots at Vasyl and his entire team. Although, Vasyl Lomachenko and his promotional team of Top Rank down play the belittling campaign they feel the effects.

All one has to do is visit Vasyl’s social media pages and look at the comment section. The drums are beating heavy for this fight! The fans are working themselves into lather for this rumble. Furthermore the trite excuse of ‘Rigo is boring’ is old and flavorless. The funny thing is, on paper, Rigo is taking all the major chances. He is older, risking his “0” and has to jumped up in weight to face the larger man. Even with all these formidable handicaps the match remains unsigned. And it seems that Team Lomachenko is the reason for this.

Vasyl began his professional career professing otherworldly goals. He wanted to fight for titles at breakneck speed. Vasyl claimed he wanted to cement his name in the glorious history of boxing’s lore. The ambitious Ukrainian vowed to do this by vanquishing the most superior rivals available. Yet, after all of this tough talk, Loma doesn’t seem to want to touch Rigo with a ten foot pole. It’s all very curious and somewhat disturbing. Lets just hope that, in regards to Guillermo, Vasyl’s actions and words fall into greater alignment.

Time will tell if Rigo is the next to get a crack at Vasyl.

The momentum of the moment and will of people appear to be pushing for it.

What do you think?

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