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Evander Holyfield Makes New Promo Company Official “REAL DEAL”

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Written By Bakari Simpson: Former boxing thrill machine Evander “The Real Deal” Holyfield has returned to the prize fighting business. Thankfully, this time around, Evander will not be slipping on any gloves! Instead of rumbling, Holyfield has officially launched his own promotional company, Real Deal Sports and Entertainment (RDSE). Housed in Long Island, New York, the parent company of Real Deal Sports and Entertainment will oversee The Real Deal Boxing, the promotional entity, along with an adjacent clothing line.

The living legend is hopeful that “Real Deal Sports and Entertainment” will allow him to guide, mentor and advise young fighters in a way that he was not.

Evander Holyfield

4 Nov 1995: Evander Holyfield takes an uppercut to the jaw by Riddick Bowe during their fight. PHOTO CREDIT: Al Bello /Allsport

When traversing his professional odyssey to cruiser and heavyweight championships Holyfield required an adroit team. Now retired, and in the role of a businessman, Evander realized a sophisticated team was still of paramount importance. In accordance with this rationale, Holyfield recruited Sal Musumeci. Musumeci, the longtime President of Final Forum Boxing, will function as the President and CEO of Real Deal Sports and Entertainment. Sal will bring over 30 years of experience in the boxing game to his role in Evander’s company.

“I couldn’t be more blessed because I believe that he’s the greatest, most respected living champion available that I would want to associate my company with. I couldn’t think of another name in the boxing world to partner up with. Not just the great accomplishments he’s made as the only four-time heavyweight champion of the world, but outside of the ring he is a great human being and a great person, and a great representative of the sport. I’m truly blessed to have him as my partner.” 

Sal Musumeci

In addition to Musumeci, Holyfield has secured the highly respected Eric Bentley in the role of chief operating officer. This was another savvy move. Bentley, a former matchmaker, director of boxing and event coordinator, was already very familiar with Sal. Bentley proudly served as a matchmaker for Musumeci’s Final Forum Boxing and Lou DiBella’s, DiBella Entertainment. Their pre-existing professional chemistry and familiarity should allow RDSE to take off quickly.

“I am extremely humbled and honored to have the opportunity to oversee this company for Evander and Sal. I see unlimited potential for Real Deal Sports & Entertainment. After our initial conversation, it became an easy decision for me to leave my position at NYSAC and join the team.

Evander’s main goal is to provide today’s fighters with the opportunities and knowledge he didn’t have at the outset of his career, which is a conviction this sport desperately needs and of which I’m proud to be a part.” -Eric Bentley

Serving as a sign of good things to come, Read Deal Sports and Entertainment have struck an agreement with CBS Sports Net. The liaison will facilitate RDSE in airing monthly editions of its “Real Deal Championship Boxing.” This is all wonderful news. Evander will make a splendid addition to the river of active and former fighters trying on their promoter hats. If Holyfield’s company and fighters provide a tenth of the excitement that his career did we are all in for an unforgettable ride!

“Boxing was very good to me and I wanted to give something back to this sport. I think I can do that promoting fighters and the sport of boxing. We want the thing to be competitive. We want to deal with everybody. We’re looking for good fighters. We’re looking for fights to put on TV and for people to see competitive fights.”

Evander Holyfield

Congrats to Evander, and his whole team, for coming together and forming this dynamic new company! Can’t wait to see what kind of noise they can make in the industry.


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