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Written By Bakari Simpson: Let’s be real for a moment. No one thought that Bundu was going to win this fight. He didn’t. Poor fellow didn’t come close. Errol maintained his sterling reputation by picking Bundu apart piece by piece like a Jenga tower then toppled him in the 6th.That portion of the equation was questioned. The only revelation that people craved was how Spence would defeat the former Olympian.

Late last year Bundu was able to extend the voluble power puncher Keith “One Time” Thurman to the cards. The same Keith Thurman that Floyd “Money” Mayweather, at one point, was suggesting should fight Spence for a number of media members on a number of occasions. Thurman bulked at the idea saying that the young gun had more to prove. Nevertheless the two fighters have had their names linked ever since.

While triangle theories rarely work the boxing populace still waited to see how Errol would fare against this common barometer. Before the Spence/Bundu prize fight even Thurman himself took to Twitter making his curiosity in the bout a public matter. As if he were 2pac, all eyes were on Spence’s oddly scheduled Sunday headlining bout at the Ford Amphitheater in Coney Island, New York.

Beforehand it was well-known that Bundu had a style and tempo that was harder to decipher than Desiigner’s lyrics. This outrageously awkward style is largely the sole reason that Leonard extended Keith to the cards. To make matters a bit more complicated for Spence Bundu did a marvelous job of keeping his ribcage covered. Errol is a die-hard body snatcher.

Seems Spence has more tools in his bag of mayhem than Inspector Gadget had tricks up his sleeve. Denied his bread and butter method of destruction, the body attack, Errol elected to jab his way through this IBF title eliminator.

The first two rounds of the bout saw Bundu fighting very aggressively, but not so effectively, while Errol set up shop behind the aforementioned stiff jab. Bundu opened the match barreling out his corner taking the fight directly to Spence. The tactic probably would’ve been more fruitful had Leonard carried distinguished might in his merely bothersome blows. Instead of backing up or intimidating Spence the scheme forced the low-key welterweight to utilize a more economical and precise game plan.

Constantly circling like a scorned woman’s argument Spence kept Bundu pinned to the middle of the ring with his lancing, jabbing fist. At the beginning of the 3rd round the writing was being etched on the wall and the audience was merely waiting for the inevitable. In this 3rd period Errol finally caught his stride and began working Bundu over high and low equally. Despite not being a power puncher Leonard began swinging like prime Tyson trying to turn the tide in his favor. It was not to be.

For the next three rounds Leonard got ground up like a conscious-heads chew stick. Sporadically Bundu would in fact land clean flush shots to Errol’s face and jaw. However, none of these lonely blows registered or caused Spence pause for even the slimmest measurement of time. In the 6th round Errol really began laying into the Leonard’s ribcage as is his reputation. With his full arsenal now at his disposal Errol landed a crunching uppercut that knocked Leonard off his feet. Referee Johnny Callas mistakenly called this sequence a ‘slip’ and allowed the fight to go on. The missed call made little difference because Errol pounced right back on his wounded foe.

Trapped against the ropes Bundu was blitzed then blasted with a final right hook that was deadlier than a scared cop. With his leg twisted haphazardly, laying almost out the ring wearing a candid mask of torment ref Callas quickly waived the bout off.

The boxing world wanted to see how Errol Spence Jr was going to perform. In response for the second consecutive fight he trounced then stopped a fighter who has never been stopped. He made both contests look easy.

In the welterweight division Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr is a big problem.

“I definitely made a statement Bundu is a tough fighter that has never been stopped, and I was able to knock him out in dramatic fashion. I have to fight the best. I’m looking to be the undisputed Welterweight Champion at 147 lbs.”Errol Spence Jr.

Having won this IBF title eliminator Spence is now first in line to challenge for Kell “Special K” Brook’s world title. However, the IBF title holder is busy cooking up some chocolate brownies for his September 10th dance with Gennady “GGG” Golovkin. WBO champ Jessie “Ruthless” Vargas is preparing to face Manny Pacquiao on November 5th. The last two belt holding welterweights are WBC titlist Danny “Swift” Garcia and WBA titlist Keith Thurman. Neither of these two men would be likely to jump up and demand a fight with Spence any time soon.

Errol Spence Jr

Errol Spence Jr. let his hands go landing devastating head shots on the crafty Leonard Bundu.

So, in the meantime, Errol will more than likely have to wait, impatiently no doubt, and see what happens on September 10th.

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