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Written By Bakari Simpson: This past Saturday March 11th Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade (24-0, 16 KO’s) became the WBA Super Welterweight champion. Under the roof of the Friedrich-Ebert Halle arena in Germany. Andrade thoroughly outclassed “Golden” Jack Culcay (22-2, 11 KO’s) over 12 rounds. Contrary to the official split decision ruling the bout was frightfully one-sided.

Demetrius Andrade

Demetrius Andrade traveled to Germany to fight Jack Culcay, taking his title in the process.

From the outset of the match the disparity in size was apparent. The dynamic physical ability was also unescapable. Demetrius towered over the shorter Culcay. Andrade’s long jab and fancy feet unfailingly marooned Jack outside his perimeter of effectiveness. Unless allowed to walk in, or lunging in wildly, Golden Jack had few options of attack.

Nevertheless, having landed a number of heavy blows in the early goings Demetrius recognized that Culcay was no push-over. Jack’s chin and heart were admirable. Entering the ring as a champion, Culcay was not eager to give up hs belt. He fought as valiantly as King Leonidas in his own losing effort. Andrade conceded to this being a boxing match and not a power shot orgy very early.

In Culcay’s backyard Demetrius made the ring his home.

The southpaw savant antagonized his Ecuadorian foe with his jab. The accurate stick control range and dictated pace. Down below Jack’s ribs were lathered in looping hooks. His belly routinely lanced with straighter strikes. When Andrade wanted to stop and fire, he could. Once back in motion, like Danny Garcia against Thurman, Jack could neither catch up nor cut off the ring.

To his credit Culcay had a very competent skill set. Golden Jack simply couldn’t overcome the gulf of physical size and ability.

Boo Boo was so comfortable that in the 10th round the Providence punisher adopted an orthodox stance. Neither his offense nor defense suffered any ill effects of the switch. From this position Andrade landed a number of teeth-clicking uppercuts. The powerful blows served to reaffirm Culcay’s certified beard.

Demetrius also highlighted his defense in the 10th round.

Channeling his inner Emmanuel Augustus Andrade adopted a bent-over, Igor-looking defensive posture. While standing squarely in front of Golden Jack Demetrius ‘drunkenly’ swayed, and looped his head around in-coming shots. Culcay pulled the trigger repeatedly but nothing found its mark. The zany tactic proved useful in this scuffle.

In the 12th round an exhausted Jack Culcay put everything he had into one last center ring flurry. The exchange was exciting, but essentially unrewarding.

In the end Demetrius crossed the Atlantic and administered a laid-back, low-key beat down to the defending champion.

As amateurs Andrade collected a win from Jack. As professionals Demetrius collected his WBA belt. In his losing effort Jack Culcay held a good account of himself. He simply found himself outgunned by a fighter with a far deeper war chest. Team Culcay should hold their heads high.

Congrats to Andrade and his team for the dominant victory. Now, armed with the WBA belt, Demetrius will intensify his efforts to fight the very best at 154. With fighters like Julian Williams, Terrell Gausha, Jermell Charlo, Erislandy Lara and Jarrett Hurd running around there are plenty of matches to be made.

Let hope that a great match can be made and Andrade is back in the ring soon!

And the new!!! Providence we’re bringing the WBA Title home! Thanks to everybody who supports me and my team: @bannerboxing @starboxing Courtesy of Demetrius Andrade INSTAGRAM

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