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David Lemieux Bloodies Tough Marcos Reyes Wins on points

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Written By Bakari Simpson: In a prompt return to the ring David Lemieux (38-3, 33KO’s) made a statement in victory but not the intended one. Following his dramatic and chilling knockout of Curtis Stevens, Lemieux opted to fight again quickly. The rationale was to capitalize of the sensational KO in an effort to secure bigger fights. This being the case, David Lemieux began the match trying with all his might to flat line Marco Reyes (35-5, 26 KO’s). However, it turns out that Marco Reyes has the chin Superman!

As soon as the bout initiated David commenced dropping megaton bombs on Reyes. Lemieux had no mystery to his attack. He was focused intently on scoring another early round KO and nothing else. Initially there was absolutely nothing wrong with the violent game plan. Reyes did not provide much return fire. Furthermore, the punches that Reyes did land in the early going didn’t seem too resonant with David anyway. It seemed as though David would claim the early destruction he was looking for. For the entirety of the first three solid rounds Lemieux successfully rag-dolled Marco.

David Lemieux was enjoying his role as the ring bully until he was abruptly hurt in the 4th round. A Reyes straight right hand slightly buckled Lemieux’s legs and put him on the retreat. David managed to survive the round but tension and drama were in the air. The 5th round remained competitive, as David Lemieux hadn’t yet recovered one hundred percent himself yet. However, with the arrival of the 6th round David was firmly back in control. Although, at this point it was obvious that Lemieux was not so aggressively chasing the knockout. Now, David was utilizing slicker than expected skills in an effective boxing effort.

David Lemieux

Marcos Reyes face left a bloody mess against David Lemieux.

In the end, David won a hugely one-sided decision.

When the fight ended, Reyes was thoroughly befuddled and bleeding profusely from a punch caused cut. Though he stood up to Lemieux’s power Marco certainly felt it. In the first half of the match, Marco absorbed the power without batting an eye. The second half of the bout was not so trouble-free. Not only was Reyes obviously wobbled a number of times, twice his mouthpiece blasted from his skull.

David’s primary objective was to score another sensational early KO; instead he proved that Marco Reyes has one-man style chin!!

While Lemieux neglected accomplish what he wanted, he still achieved a lot. Everyone knows that Lemieux can punch, that was never up for debate. Yet, when David could not finish Marco he was forced to display other numerous qualities. Qualities such as his boxing ability, stamina, and late punch punching power, ability to think on the fly and react competently when hurt. All in all this was a great night out for Lemieux.

You just can’t lay em’ all down!

Congrats to both men and their teams for one hard-fought slugfest.

Respect to my opponent Reyes showed alot of heart, even tho I had one hand,respect! Hope the #fans enjoyed 👍👊#lasvegas #montreal David Lemieux/Instagram

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