Claressa Shields and Nikki Adler: BATTLE 4 BELT

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Written By Bakari Simpson: This Friday August 4 the ferocious Claressa “T-Rex” Shields (3-0, 1 KO) returns to action. Topping the billing, Shields will lock horns with Nikki Adler (16-0, 9 KO’s) in the main event of the evening. The ambitious pugilist will once more knuckle-up on her native Detroit soil. Although her name probably rings a bit louder Claressa Shields is actually the challenger. Adler will be making the second defense of her WBC World female super middleweight strap. Along with her WBC belt, the vacant IBF world female super middleweight belt will also be up for grabs. All this intriguing action will take place on Showtime Boxing @9pm.

As evidenced by her two gold medals, aggressive fighting style and rapidly spreading reputation Shields is no joke! Nor, does she appear to be a fighter pleased with inactivity. When T-Rex enters the ring, she will be doing so just a month and a half since her last bout.

During that bout with Sydney LeBlanc (4-2-1) Shields soundly, and swiftly, established that LeBlanc was in over her head. Shield’s hands speed, aggression and nifty 1-2 combos were obstacles far too grand for LeBlanc to surmount. It is true that Sydney did land her shots, yet never anything to alter the inevitable course of action. Certainly, nothing landed that genuinely hurt or buzzed Claressa. Instead, LeBlanc spent the majority of the bout shelled up, avoiding direct exchanges.

T-Rex secured a UD after eight rounds of action. All three judges had Shields winning by a cozy 80-72. Next up to bat is Nikki Adler.

Claressa Shields

Claressa Shields poses at the weigh-in ahead of her fight with Nikki Adler.

Ideally, in her next outing Shields will encounter a bit more resistance. This upcoming fight is the juicy kind were someone’s “0” has got to go!! To date Adler is Shields first undefeated fighter.

Although Nikki is the champion, and has far more professional experience, Claressa is the strong favorite. One issue of concern is inactivity. Adler has only had one bout this year, none in 2016, one in 2015 and two in 2014. During 2016 when Adler was idle T-Rex was winning her second Olympic boxing gold medal. She is the only American, male or female, to accomplish this feat.

Shields would go on to debut in November of 2016 against Franchon Crews. Her dust-up with Crews was Claressa’s only match in 2016. This August 4 bout with Adler will mark her third prize fight of 2017. The already lofty task of toppling Claressa would become just that much treacherous if hampered by ring-rust. Claressa’s aforementioned hand speed and aggressiveness are likely to bedevil Adler every bit as much as they did Sydney LeBlanc.

In all likelihood Claressa is about to dominate Adler in another impressive performance. In terms of skill, activity and momentum there is nothing overtly compelling on Adler’s side. This title defense is one ferocious uphill battle for Adler. Yet, Nikki will be far from the first fighter to have the odds stacked against them.

At the end of day lets just hope for a fun fight that both walk away from.

But, if you just got to make a wager, it’d be wise to bet on Detroit!

“I feel like I’m a lot healthier and hydrated than I did fighting at 160. I’m not sluggish. I used a chef who prepared my meals for the first time and I feel great. I’ve known about Nikki Adler and Christina Hammer for a long time. I like both of the girls, but when it comes to getting in the ring it’s all about business.”

Claressa Shields

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Claressa Shields

Claressa Shields and Nikki Adler prepare to scrap for a world title. PHOTO CREDIT: Stephanie Trapp/Showtime Boxing