Claressa Shields DESTROYS Nikki Adler to win titles

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Written By Bakari Simpson: Although she was the far more professionally experienced fighter, Nikki Adler was no match for Claressa Shields. The two women met for combat in the MGM Grand Detroit. After five rounds of pummeling and general abuse referee Michael Griffin waved off the massacre. When Shields was deemed the victor she claimed Adler’s WBC super-middleweight strap along with the vacant IBF strap.

In all actuality there was very little ‘fighting’ to report. Essentially Claressa bum-rushed Adler, punched her in the mouth and stole her fighting heart frightfully speed. Hell, Nikki officially landed ZERO punches in the first and fifth rounds. Much like her prior opponent, LeBlanc, Shield’s speed, power and aggression left Adler no other option but retreat. In front of her home audience, family and friends Claressa beat Adler from pillar to post.

In fact the most resistance that Shields received was from WBO and WBC middleweight champion Christina Hammer (21-0, 9 KO’s). Hammer was in the house and expressed her desire to step in the squared-circle with Claressa. Ideally the fight can be put together soon.


Claressa Shields blasts Nikki Adler on Showtime Boxing. PHOTO CREDIT: Trappfotos/Showtime

After the uncompetitive match was waved off Shields expressed how happy she was with her win. T-Rex even went to so far to say that this victory felt better than winning both of her Olympic gold medals.

“And just getting the TKO, it makes me really happy because I really don’t get ‘em in the pros. I just started and people was saying I’m gonna knock people out and stuff. And then I knock out the world champ, who’s 16-0, with nine knockouts…I could definitely say I’m more happier now. Maybe it’s because I’m on TV, I’m getting paid some money, all my family and my friends are here, and I’m in Detroit, 45 minutes from my hometown. It just feels good to win, also to win when you’re the underdog. So I’m overjoyed and I’m happy.” -Claressa Shields

At the moment Claressa Shields is on top of the world. By winning back to back gold she has achieved what no other American man or woman has. She was the first female to headline a major television fight card. Claressa is unofficially the face of women’s boxing and now she has two major belts. By virtually any marker of success T-Rex is doing exceptionally well.

Let’s sit back and watch what this determined young woman does next!

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