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Cecilia Braekhus tames Erica Annabelle Farias-RESULTS

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Written By Bakari Simpson: After a near decade of dominance Cecilia Braekhus (31-0, 8 KO’s) has not lost a step. The gifted technician easily outpointed Erica Annabelle Farias (24-2, 10 KO’s). During their welterweight showdown last weekend. The bout took place in Cecilia’s established hometown of Bergen, Norway. The event held at the historic Bergenhus Festing Arena. Fighting at home-made the defense of her five world welterweight titles, WBO, WBC, WBO, IBF and IBO, just that much more special.

This notable prize-fight was more than just Cecilia’s professional debut at home. It also marked the first boxing match contested in Norway in 36 years. Until this past Friday, there was a longstanding boxing ban in place outlawing such events. Cecilia’s extended success moved the needle and the ban was removed.

The general flow of the fight was easy enough to call. Straight away, it was evident that Braekhus was far more comfortable attacking from the outside than was Farias. This was somewhat curious because Erica regularly troubled Cecilia with her jab. She also  had a nasty 1-2. At different points Farias consistently twisted Cecilia’s head with these sharp shots. However, rather than maintaining their standoff at range, Farias opted to repeatedly bull her way inside.

Her crude, poor man’s Shawn Porter tactic was often successful in getting Erica inside. Nevertheless, once on the inside Farias did frightfully little aside from initiate an immediate clinch.

Assuming the Bruce Lee, in his icon yellow-suit, stance Cecilia looked remarkably composed. From the beginning of the bout Braekhus looking to counter. Braekhus controlled the center of the ring. Farias found herself constantly pierced with the jab. She was bedeviled by a persistent counter uppercut. Braekhus also had better footwork. When need be, Cecilia easily stepped out of Erica’s punch range.

If there was one gripe about the title fight it was the clinching. On this notion, the blame can be spread around. The excessive holding began in the first half. Becoming intolerable during the second half. The instigating culprit was almost exclusively Erica Farias. Unwilling to fight consistently at range. She solved this problem by reflexively holding whenever close enough.

Despite being a VERY vocal third man, referee Frank Michael Maass missed a few marks. He did painfully little about the holding. Maass failed to take a point or even issue an overly stern warning. For her part Braekhus appeared to accept and almost invite the clinch. Instead of fighting her off, or sneaking in shots, Cecilia accepted the clinch with hands upraised.

For large chunks of the prize-fight it seemed we were witnessing a family reunion. Farias repeatedly hugged Braekhus tightly around the waist. Meanwhile Cecilia held her hands skywards unwilling to reciprocate the affection. Braekhus appeared overly content to let this happen and be broken by the ref.

All in all this was another dominant and impressive performance. Braekhus dictated the pace and dominated from range. Cecilia demonstrated the better technique when in close. The First Lady of boxing convincingly vanquished another worthy foe. Tore down restricting boxing laws and entertained her hometown crowd. She did all this while successfully promoting and headlining the card. Certainly not bad for a single night in the office!

It’ll be interesting to see how Cecilia Braekhus makes history next.

Stay tuned!

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