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ON THE CANVAS: Adrien Broner vs. Mikey Garcia

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Written By Bakari Simpson: Despite the entire hubbub caused by the Vegas odds makers, and there was plenty, Broner/Garcia is finally upon us. Thankfully, the time for trash talking, signifying and gum bumping is at an end! Now, fighting is the only thing left to do.

The straight-laced and ever composed Mikey Garcia is poised and ready for battle. Trained by his brother Robert, and raised within the fighting arts, Mickey is eager to accomplish another impressive boxing feat. Garcia views Broner as the last major obstacle separating him from super stardom and chunky paydays.

Likewise, Adrien believes a solid win over Garcia will substantially boost his own career. In many respects, Broner is a well-known celebrity right now. Although each team and fighter have been respectful, you can feel a tension in the air.

Not only is this prizefight about excelling at their craft, it is about demanding respect.

As a born and raised Cleveland, OH kid, I will be the first to admit my Broner bias. Got to support the hometown squad! Moreover, for the record, I am going with the Problem to win this bout. Although, my choice has nothing to do with regional affiliations. I simply believe that Garcia may have bitten off more than he can chew. Without question, Mikey is a tremendous talent, mentally strong and focused on his craft. His boxing lineage and rumored about power further make him a solid selection. However, his moving up in weight, fighting a faster/larger man and essentially coming off a two-year layoff is a lot.

For those pulling for Garcia, his technical ability, power and consistency are the reasons why. Admittedly, these are sound rationales. They just are not enough to convince this writer.

In the ring Mikey really is a sharp, calculating fighter who doesn’t waste much energy or make silly mistakes. At the same time though, Mikey is very straightforward and basic in movements and general approach. Truthfully, I think that this will play into Broner’s hands. Due to his over the top personality outside the ring, people often struggle giving him his just due athletically. It is a very real possibility that Adrien’s awkward style and blistering hand speed will greatly bedevil Garcia.

broner vs garcia

Adrien Broner stares down his next opponent Undefeated Mikey Garcia.

Another huge talking point has revolved around Mikey’s punching power. It has even been repeated with regularity that supposedly Garcia hits harder than Maidana. Obviously, neither man has blasted me in the head or gut, but I cannot believe that! In no way am I suggesting that Miguel is feather fisted. At the same time, Mikey is going to have to rough Broner up before my own eyes for me to believe it. Especially with him stepping up in weight.

Lastly, consistency has been a legit issue with Adrien in the past. Throughout the years, the Problem has hindered himself in countless ways. There is no shirking past this grim unfortunate reality. Yet, even well before this bout was penned Adrien has been calming down. Now, with the added insult of the original Vegas betting odds Broner is ultra-dialed in. As a result, Adrien relocated his training camp away from all his Cincinnati distractions. Secured in his Colorado stronghold the Problem has trained like a madman. If for no other bout, Adrien’s concentration here should not be a negative factor in this outcome whatsoever.

Come Sunday morning I believe that Broner’s slickness, speed and toughness will have proven too much for Garcia to overcome. The bout will begin outrageously competitive but about the fourth or fifth rounds, I imagine the true separation will begin to emerge. While a KO would not surprise me, Adrien is likely to win a UD. Yet, even with this being said, I do think that Mikey will hit the deck. Garcia has been down several times in his career. Aside from going down, if he hits the canvas, it should be the result of a counter hook to the mouth.

In the end, regardless of the victor, this promises to be one thrilling boxing match while it lasts. Congrats to both men for putting it all on the line to be great!

“I laugh when people write me off. I’m used to being the underdog coming from where I come from. People don’t know what I’ve been through to get to this point. I’m blessed to be where I’m at. Saturday night there will be a lot more room on the bandwagon.”

Adrien Broner


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