Canelo Alvarez Pitches Shutout against Chavez Jr. Golovkin fight NEXT!

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Written By Bakari Simpson: Geez. Well, there is not really much to say about this one. In short, Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez outclassed Chavez Jr for 36 straight minutes inside the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas Nevada. Billed as a true Mexican grudge match, a guaranteed battle of the ages. What we actually saw was one man pounding a punching bag with a pulse. To prove how abysmal the match was the most entertaining portion was the Canelo/GGG announcement, AFTER the fight.

When bout was officially announced most believed that Junior’s prime asset was his size. If he were to make the weight comfortably, surely he would lean on, bully and press Canelo with his bulk. Countless media members scoffed when it was rumored that Nacho wanted Julio to box Alvarez. Quickly it was imagined that this notion was an intentionally leaked smoke screen to mislead team Alvarez.

On fight night it turned out to be all too frighteningly real.

Junior began the bout back peddling while devouring a medley of Canelo’s beautifully thrown, contempt filled power shots. After the first round the Mexican Independence Day transformed into a redundantly bloody Groundhogs Day. Minus one exchange in the second period the 1st round tortuously repeated itself on a loop for another 11 periods. Chavez’s complete lack of action and inability to make a single adjustment was despicable.

In the second round Julio punched Saul’s back to the ropes and began digging to the body with grave-robber intensity. The crowd went nuts thinking the fight they paid to see was about to break out. Chavez suddenly halted his assault, backed himself to center ring and resumed being punched in the face and torso. After this sequence Julio never effectively executes anything worthwhile offensively for the remainder of the bout.

Instead, for the next 10 rounds Saul hammered, battered and humiliated Julio no less scornfully or cruelly than Mister did Celie.

Even worse, when the fight was concluded, and Max Kellerman was conducting the post-fight interview, Julio sunk even lower. Instead of taking credit for his loss, he not to subtly insinuate that it was Beristain’s plan that lead to his undoing. This was odd and shameful. During the second half of the bout Nacho Beristain could clearly be heard in the corner pleading for Chavez to engage. Whether they planned to fight on the outside or not, Nacho was now imploring Junior to bang on the inside. Julio would never answer the call.

In this last effort at obtaining respectability in the boxing world Julio Cesar Chavez Jr refused to even show up. His reputation as a fighter will forever be that of a joke and disappointment. That’s truly sad and unfortunate. What did Chavez Sr. think of this performance? How did he feel ringside? Damn! Hopefully this will be the last time we see Chavez Jr masquerading around inside a professional boxing ring.

As for Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, the sky remains the limit!

The talented young phenom did everything that he could do but knockout Chavez Jr. Prior the bout an abundance people, myself included, were certain that Canelo’s past stamina problems would resurface. Obviously aware of this perception, Saul chose to NEVER sit on his stool. In between rounds Canelo received his water and instructions standing up George Foreman style.

‘Canelo’ Alvarez has emerged from his Mexican grudge match victorious and unscathed. Furthermore, Saul was more dominant than anyone on Earth thought he would be in doing so. And for a cherry on top, after the 12 round shackling, the redhead revealed his signing to battle GGG, his greatest potential adversary. The same Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin that so many swear up and down that Alvarez is afraid of. At long last Alvarez/GGG was a done deal. It was at this point that Golovkin and his team, following a very unexpected WWE feeling ring walk, entered the squared-circle and stood across from Canelo. Again, this was by far the best portion of the main event!

Canelo Alvarez Gennady Golovkin

Canelo Alvarez and Gennady “GGG” Golovkin posedown after Canelo’s victory over Chavez Jr.

On May 6th Canelo was deep into his ‘boss bag.’ The 26-year-old titan committed acts that in the future will help his legacy.

Saul Alvarez, already the cash cow of boxing, now the true Mexican king of boxing, is hopping from one bad blood contest immediately into the next. And ideally, BOTH guys will fight in this one!

September just can’t get here fast enough!

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